Top 10 Perfumes and Scents

Best Perfumes

1. Hermes, Les Meraveilles- classic, luxurious, I would describe it as more of a “winter” scent, can be worn by women of all ages

2. Prada candy- sweet, refreshing, very very feminine, energetic

3. Armani, Si- another very feminine and sweet one, yet it has certain softness and romance in its notes

4. Nuxe Perfume- I adore all Nuxe products, because I think they smell amazing, so when Nuxe finally came out with the actual perfume a few years ago I knew it was going to became a staple for me. It is summery and soft, has gentle tones of a beach suntan oil which I adore

5. Dior, Pure Poison-has a specific note that I am not quite sure how to describe besides unique yet universally appealing, deep and rich notes, just smells “timeless”

6. D&G, The One-perfect for the summer, sweet yet light

7. Armani, Code- very rich, sweet and musky, smells seductive and womanly

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