Top 10 Beauty and Make Up Products

Hello! Today I decided to write a bit about my favorite make up products, some of them I’ve been using for years and some are a recent discovery, but they have all proved to be truly amazing I would love to share them with you:


1. ARMANI LUMINOUS SILK FOUNDATION– I am currently using the 5.75 shade and the lady at the make up counter actually told me that was one of their best sellers. My skin is medium fair right now (winter shade), and I have a subtle yellowish undertone so this shade works perfectly for me. The texture is light and blends so so well, but it’s not watery and definitely sticks to your skin pretty well. This has been one of my more recent discoveries but I think I’ll be sticking to it for quite a long time 🙂

2. L’OREAL DOUBLE EXTEND MASCARA– this has been my favorite mascara for years now, maybe even a decade! This two part mascara makes you lashes look thicker (the white part which you put on first, I put it on both my upper and lower lashes) and longer (the black part you put over the already applied white layer to give more length, and of course, color). L’Oreal has a few different versions of it (waterproof, black, brown (maybe?)) but they are all quite similar and work wonders on your lashes. This one I swear by, try it and let me know if it works for you!

3. LANCOME BLUSH SUBTIL– Adore this blush! Also one of my old time faves, it give you that healthy rosy glow with just a tiny bit of shimmer, and regardless of the season it always looks appropriate.

4. NIVEA BODY LOTION– again, a good old friend of mine, this lotion makes your skin so soft, and keep is that way for a long time. I realized that it even helps prolong and emphasize my tan in the summer which is always a big plus. And also, you can’t beat the price tag, it’s affordable for anyone and yet produces results that, in my opinion, are much better than some verrrry expensive brand lotions.

5. KLORANE DRY SHAMPOO– my go-to savior for one of those days when you just didn’t have the time to wash and style your hair properly. You spray a bit of this onto your scalp, wait a few min and rub it in, and voila! – you get cleaner looking hair with a lot more volume 🙂

6. BOBBI BROWN CORRECTOR– my favorite corrector/concealer, I use it under the eyes, for blemishes etc. My favorite shade are Light Bisque (for winter) and Medium Bisque (for summer tan). I find them too be quite universal and a lot of my friends with various skin tones use these similar shades.

7. NARS LIPGLOSS– one of my more recent discoveries, this NARS lip gloss stays on for a long time, without a need to constantly reapply it simply because you are talking (!) and thus slowly munching on your own gloss haha. In general, NARS glosses come in a variety of shades, all depending on the occasion (daytime work, going out etc), so I am sure everyone can find something that suits them.

8. ORIBE HAIRSPRAY– OMG this hairspray smells amazing! That alone is almost enough to get it, but the fact that it actually does a great job with your hair makes it worth every cent.

9. L’OCCITANE SHEA BUTTER HAND CREAM– my long term favorite European product! (I am originally from Europe) It is rich and thick but yet not oily. It smells so clean and shea-butter-almondly. It keeps your hands moisturized and smelling amazing for a long time.

10. NUXE DRY OIL– another European gem; this multipurpose body oil can be used on your face, body and hair. It leaves an illuminating shimmer without actually greasing up the area where you are applying it. My favorite time to use it is in the summer when you want to emphasize the tan on your legs, shoulders, and decolletage 🙂

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