Hiking Outfit Inspo ft Los Liones Trail

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Hiking is an amazing form of exercise, not just for the body but also for your spirit. And if you are lucky enough to be living in the Los Angeles area, the views that you get can be out of this world gorgeous.


Of course, why stop at gorgeous views when you can also have a gorgeous hiking outfit while working on your fitness?

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One of the more popular trails of the Los Liones hike starts at the end of a residential street in Pacific Palisades. While you are driving up hill, through the neighborhood full of charming houses, you have no idea that you are about to have some 360 degree views of the entire city of Los Angeles and beyond. First there is Downtown LA in the far distance in the east :


Then you have the gorgeous ocean views to the South, West and even North of LA as far as your eyes can reach

IMG_2269  IMG_2266 IMG_2254

You can do a short version of the hike in about an hour and half back and forth and hit up all the spots with these amazing views. After you make your way down (driving) to Sunset Blvd from Pacific Palisades, Malibu area is just a short ride away and it’s great way to combine the higher altitude air and some fresh ocean breeze, and grab a cup of coffee (or a glass of rosé) at a beachside restaurant such as Moonshadows Malibu.

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